On Site Tracking & Monitoring

RedLore On-Site Tracking & Monitoring tracks almost any type of physical asset, including people, capital assets (e.g. carts, tools, movable equipment), raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods.

The positioning engine (RTLS) will locate the asset in even the most complex environment, indoors and outdoors. Meanwhile the on-board sensors will alert you of any unwanted event.

For In Transit tracking, please refer to the RedLore Shipment monitoring solution.


Asset Tracking

People Tracking

Location tracking
of raw materials, assembly parts and finished products

On-site location of people
indoor and outdoor

Inventory management
count, ageing, FIFO, FEFO

People counting
within a zone or at a choke point

Tracking of tools and capital assets
location, usage pattern and shock of power tools, forklift trucks,…

Man-down detection
from fall

Cold storage monitoring
fridges, freezers, walk-in fridges

Panic button
distress call button to be worn on body

Consignment stocking
count, box opening, box motion

Dwell time monitoring
for discovery of operational inefficiencies and attraction points

Spare parts management
count, reordering points

Environmental monitoring
temperature, relative humidity, VOC, CO2,…

Conditions Monitored

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Surface Temperature (Infrared)
  • Impact from Fall
  • Motion
  • Light (Box Opening)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Equivalent CO2
  • Lateral Impact
  • Tilt and Vibration
  • Magnetic Field (Proximity)
  • Distance (Laser)


All-in-one solution for both asset tracking and asset condition monitoring, indoors and on large outdoor sites.

Low-cost infrastructure: Wire-free installation, no network configuration required.

Quick and easy installation: 10,000m2 in 2 person days.

Remote device reconfiguration.

Scales up easily without reconfiguration.

Easy to add new sensor applications without changing infrastructure.

Open architecture: Connects to external IT systems.

Resilient self-forming and self-healing mesh network, works in the harshest of environments.


  • Automotive
  • Pharma
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Defense

How it Works


Wire-free Anchor devices are installed throughout the facility, typically on a grid of 10m to 15m (33 to 50ft). They self-form a Wirepas low-power wireless mesh.


Tracking Tags and Sensor Devices are tracked within the facility


The RedLore IoT Platform with embedded Positioning Engine ingests the data, determines the location of the tags and sensors and analyzes the data.


The positions and sensor conditions are visualized on the RedBoard dashboard.

RedBoard Dashboards & Mobile App

Sensor values are displayed as gauges. Historic trends are displayed in charts and can be downloaded for off-line analysis.

Assets and people are visualized in real-time on the positioning dashboard.

The RedLore mobile app for Android 9 and above supports pairing of the tags/sensors to the assets and retrieval off the asset once paired.

The network and device settings are configured from the settings page.