IoT Solutions for Warehousing

As drones and robots move into warehouses at increasing rates, IoT sensors have already swept through and gained a significant foothold. From implementing process control, monitoring anomalies and events, and forewarning of future issues allowing for predictive maintenance, IoT sensors are starting to do the heavy lifting in warehouses around the world.

Warehousing Sensor Applications

  • Retail applications
  • Inventory management and monitoring
  • Cold Storage
  • Environmental controls: light, temp, sound etc.
  • Workplace performance: occupancy detection, sound and light level monitoring
  • Zone monitoring
  • Consignment stock management
  • HVAC: fan-coil control, temperature monitoring, air quality, cooling towers
  • Emergency lighting: health monitoring, emergency activation
  • Energy efficiencies


Case Study: Farming – Cold Storage At Scale

RedLore was called upon by a poultry corporation to help monitor and track the performance and efficiency of their cooler storage units across their farms with multiple units in each location. Mechanical and human error when it comes to cold storage can be incredibly costly, resulting in not only lost product but also increased energy costs and incremental repair costs. To ensure they were able to stay proactive and mitigate as much loss and waste as possible Redlore sensors were deployed and the poultry corporation had all the data they needed – at the local and head office level – to take appropriate action when necessary and proactively when appropriate.

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Warehousing Professionals Often Want to Chat with Us About…

Distributed computing allows your applications to leverage processing power, memory and storage from a network of systems instead of having to be executed on one system alone, it also allows you to incorporate data from multiple sources, systems and even locations to produce useable, consolidated data for your applications and dashboards.

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