Shipment Monitoring

Track the condition, status, and location of goods from origin to destination and get touchless delivery confirmation.

RedLore tracking devices contain sensors and patented AI algorithms that detect and predict harmful events, without the need for fixed infrastructure in the vehicle or warehouse.

Companies Who Trust RedLore

The Biggest Challenges in Supply Chains

annual losses due to lack of visibility in supply chain and logistics

Incumbent solutions cannot solve the problem: not end-to-end, not at the asset-level, not real-time, focusing on the container or vehicle and not the asset

of losses from human error

How does RedLore Shipment Monitoring Work?

Trackers are added to the packages or pallets at the location of origin

Trackers detect when goods leave the origin and track location and sensor data in real time while in transit.
No truck or trailer infrastructure required

Delivery is automatically detected, and the trackers continue to monitor until they are removed from the package.

Insights are visualized in the RedBoard dashboard and shared with your Enterprise Systems (ERP, EMS, TMS,…)

Meet RedLore’s Smart Shipment Tracker (SST)

Sensor events

Temperature excursions/predictions


Shock from Fall and Lateral Impact

Tilt and Vibration

Light (box opening, tampering)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Process events

Touchless shipment process tracking without human intervention

Shipment departure

Shipment arrival

Shipment delivered at wrong location

Shipment separated


Real-time cellular tracking

Local NFC connection to smartphone

Local data storage when in flight or no coverage, with automatic data uploading

Track thousands of packages by pairing SST with low-cost sensor tags

Touchless and predictive AI

Touchless tracking of process events prone to human error

Prediction of alarms offering ability to preempt damage


RedLore vs the Competition





High-Value Goods



Transport Companies


3PL/4PL Logistics


Massive scalability: 1000’s of devices per shipment, 100’s of sites

Cellular connectivity works on virtually any network in the world

Limited or no fixed infrastructure required

Incident reporting and prediction

Event detection built into sensor devices – No need for network connectivity

Direct smartphone interface to Tracking Tags and Sensors Devices

Proprietary AI for real-time detection and prediction of harmful events

Open interface to enterprise systems (RTTV, TMS, WMS, ERP)

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