IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

The age of Manufacturing 4.0 is quickly sweeping into all types of manufacturing organizations. Companies know that to stay competitive they need to be efficient, proactive and precise, technology like RedLore IoT sensors can provide all of that for smart manufacturing organizations. Using sensor data and machine learning RedLore solutions can help inform and optimize manufacturing operations in real time. From implementing process control, monitoring anomalies and events, and forewarning of future issues allowing for predictive maintenance, IoT sensors are starting to do the heavy lifting in factories and plants around the world. But the optimization doesn’t stop at the loading dock, RedLore can help optimize the entire supply chain and warehousing phase as well.

Manufacturing 4.0 Sensor Applications

  • Asset tracking: equipment / machinery / parts / people
  • Manufacturing equipment/machine condition reporting and predictive maintenance sensors
  • Forklift location tracking and impact detection
  • Manufactured goods incident / impact / accident reporting
  • Manufacturing plant: zone monitoring
  • Spare parts management: asset availability, location, condition, utilization
  • Asset management: condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, location
  • Inventory management: work in process monitoring, warehousing
  • Consignment rules enforcement
  • Rack impact and overload detection
  • Asset condition monitoring: impact/vibration, unauthorized opening, temp/humid, cold chain
  • Pick notification
  • Construction site management: tool location, tool condition, theft control, tool utilization
  • Manufacturing performance reporting: productivity and efficiency
  • Loading dock impact detection

Case Study: Automotive Manufacturing

RedLore was called upon by a major automotive manufacturer to help monitor and track parts that were at the work-in-progress or finished state. To stay compliant with ISO and industry safety regulations the temperature and humidity in between production stages needed to be kept within fixed boundaries to guarantee the quality of the end product. Any physical impact or unauthorized opening of the parts’ storage boxes needed to the tracked to detect possible scratching or breakage. To ensure they were able to identify when and where any accidental impacts, drops or bumps occurred and that the proper procedures were followed after any incident, Redlore sensors were deployed and the manufacturer had all the data they needed to take appropriate action and to prove compliance to regulatory organizations.

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The three main components of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are availability, performance and quality. The goal of achieving OEE is to ensure you are manufacturing only good quality parts and products, as quickly and efficiently as possible, with no delays, stops or blocks. The core of OEE is the measurement of all of these factors so you can work to increase their performance then maintain them at the highest level. RedLore IoT sensors can help you measure, manage and maintain your OEE performance metrics. Read more about OEE on or contact us to find out how RedLore can help you achieve your OEE targets.

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