IoT Solutions for Logistics

The use of IoT in shipping and logistics has evolved long past tracking for individual companies and  has permeated the entire supply chain. Consumers, distributors and manufacturers are increasingly putting pressure on all organizations to provide data to validate the provenance, authenticity, ethicacy and efficacy of every step of the supply chain contributing to the end product. From real time location tracking, monitoring anomalies and events, to predictive analytics and maintenance scheduling, IoT sensors are starting to go in for the long haul in shipping, logistics and tracking companies around the world.

Logistics IoT Applications

  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain / Cold Chain
  • Incident / impact / accident reporting
  • Condition reporting and preventive maintenance
  • Freight cars: location and tracking, wheel and bearing monitoring, brake monitoring
  • Occupancy
  • Supply chain transparency / “digital threads”
  • Logistics compliance requirements
  • Trucking: wheel hub monitoring, trailer location, trailer access and load state
  • ISO tanks: location & tracking, damaging impacts, access monitoring
  • Multi-tier SCM: location, inventory management, consignment management
  • Moving assets management
  • Airport luggage cart location and condition
  • Hospital cart location and condition
  • Intermodal & IBC: location, damaging impacts, access, temperature, humidity


Use Case: Fruit & Vegetable Transport

Few products are more fragile than fruits and vegetables in transit. Shipping produce requires the consideration of not only the typical logistical concerns like timing, mode and route, but you also have to factor in environmental controls, shelf life and the impact of even small bumps and jostles. The delivery of the produce isn’t the only key factor here; delivering a healthy, attractive and stable product is also part of the challenge. Traditional fleet monitoring sensors can tell you where your delivery is at any given moment, but it can’t necessarily tell you how many products were likely bruised based on that last bump. If your precious cargo also requires cold chain management, traditional fleet monitoring can’t necessarily tell you the status of the environment between transfers, which can lead to more unanticipated loss. Find out how RedLore can optimize the produce transport process and ensure you can rely on the quality of your delivery upon arrival.

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Logistics Professionals Often Want to Chat with Us About…

Asset integrity and asset health look beyond the physical product simply arriving or being where it needs to be. It takes into consideration the state and quality of the product when it arrives. A damaged automotive part is not equal to a perfectly fine part, nor is a bruised or spoiled vegetable shipment equal to a healthy one. RedLore IoT sensors can help track not only the location of your items but also ensure – or at least inform you – of the state of your items at all times. Whether your shipment is susceptible to bumps and impacts, environmental conditions, or other variables that could affect the value or integrity of your goods upon arrival we can help fill in the information gaps and help you better predict and manage losses and variables during shipping and transport.

Contact us to find out how RedLore can help you track asset integrity and asset health.

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