IoT Solutions for Cold Storage

Improve food safety and automate compliance reporting with continuous refrigerator/freezer temperature monitoring, realtime alarms and digital logs. Small, wireless sensors for fast infrastructurefree installation and operation. Significant savings through reduced spoilage, labor savings and improved energy efficiency. 



  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Fresh and Frozen Produce
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Grocery & Convenience Stores
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Warehousing & Distribution



  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Door Status: open/close, duration, frequency
  • Light exposure
  • Compressor run-time counter
  • Defrost cycles

Data analytics and management functions

  • Real-time monitoring and alarms
  • Automatic digital logging
  • Off-line mode: Logs events on sensor device during service interruptions
  • Temperature trend forecasting and pre-emptive alarms
  • Compressor operational insights for condition monitoring and energy usage

Dashboards and integration

  • Email and text message (SMS) alarms
  • Cloud data storage for ease of record management and reporting
  • Cloud and mobile app dashboard
  • Integrates to existing data systems (ERP, WMS,…) via open interface
  • Automatic report generation for internal and compliance reporting
  • Fully configurable and programmable to your Standard Operating Procedures: product specific temperature settings; customized floor plans; user permissions
  • Extendable to full supply chain monitoring (ask about our Full In-Transit Supply Chain Monitoring solutions).


  • Fully wireless, for quick and easy out of the box configuration, and installation: DIY installation, stick & forget, 3 minutes per fridge
  • Local access to sensor values using smartphone NFC app
  • No need for local (WIFI, ethernet) internet connection by using cellular gateway
  • Massively scalability: from 1 to 1000’ s of devices on a single site, 100’s of sites
  • Secure authentication and data encryption
  • Long-term data logging for Food Safety compliance and year-on-year comparison

Sensor devices


Wireless mesh network


Gateway to RedBoard


RedBoard Cold Storage Manager


Real-time alerts

How it works

  1. Battery operated sensor devices are attached to the inside of the fridge or freezer. They report on temperature, humidity, door, light and compressor status in real-time.

  2. Sensor devices automatically form a mesh network and report status to a cellular or WIFI gateway. No wired infrastructure such as access points required.

  3. The gateway transmits the data to the RedBoard Cold Storage Manager.

  4. The RedBoard Cold Storage Manager transforms data into insights, visualizes them on dashboards and optionally interfaces to legacy data systems.

  5. The operator receives real-time alerts on a smartphone app. In addition, he can configure sensor devices locally and read its data in case of service interruptions.

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