IoT Solutions for Cold Chain Monitoring

RedLore’s Delivery & Conditioning Monitoring solution provides full in-transit temperature monitoring for individual pallets and packages.

In addition, it offers automatic pallet and package delivery confirmation by generating alerts when a pallet or package departs from and arrives at a warehouse. Thanks to RedLore’s patented location-aware sensor analytics there is no need for any fixed infrastructure in the warehouse.

In addition to temperature monitoring, the solution can monitor shock, vibration, tilt and package-opening.


Features and Advantages

Pallet Monitoring

  • Know exactly when a pallet has departed from and arrived at a warehouse.
  • Continuous in-transit temperature monitoring, optional shock, vibration and tilt monitoring.
  • No fixed infrastructure required at the warehouses.
  • Trailer infrastructure is optional.
  • Open interface to enterprise systems (TMS, WMS, ERP).
  • Local smartphone interface to Pallet Monitor.

Package Monitoring

  • All the features and advantages of Pallet Monitoring, and in addition …
  • Box open detection.
  • Local smartphone interface to Package Monitor.
  • Affordable Package Monitors, even for single use applications.

How it works: Pallet Delivery & Condition Monitoring

1. The Pallet Monitor is associated with the Bill of Lading using a smartphone.

2. The Pallet Monitor is inserted into a pre-addressed shipping envelope.

3. The envelope with the Pallet Monitor is attached to the pallet or simply wrapped with the boxes on the pallet. The Pallet Monitor records location, temperature and optionally shock, vibration and tilt.

4. Every Departure Event is detected through RedLore Sensor Analytics (patented) and uploaded to the RedLore Logistics Engine.

5. The Pallet Monitor takes continuous sensor measurements. An optional Trailer Tag adds trailer identification.

6.  A location-aware Arrival Event is detected and uploaded to the RedLore Logistics Engine together with all the sensor data.

7. The Pallet Monitor is returned to the origin warehouse using the pre-addressed shipping pouch.

8. RedBoard visualizes Delivery Events, locations and sensor history, with open interfaces to enterprise systems (TMS, WMS, ERP).

How it works: Package Delivery & Condition Monitoring

1. The Pallet Monitors are associated with the Bill of Lading using a smartphone.

2. The Package Monitors are stuck onto or put inside the boxes.

3. A Pallet Monitor is added to the pallet as well, just like in the Pallet Monitoring application.

4. The pallet makes its way to the destination warehouse, see the Pallet Monitoring application.

5. Departure and Arrival Events are generated at the box level, as are temperature and optionally box-open, shock, vibration and tilt events.

6. After arrival the Package Monitors are returned the origin warehouse for redeployment.

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Use Case: Fruit & Vegetable Transport

Few products are more fragile than fruits and vegetables in transit. Shipping produce requires the consideration of not only the typical logistical concerns like timing, mode and route, but you also have to factor in environmental controls, shelf life and the impact of even small bumps and jostles. The delivery of the produce isn’t the only key factor here; delivering a healthy, attractive and stable product is also part of the challenge. Traditional fleet monitoring sensors can tell you where your delivery is at any given moment, but it can’t necessarily tell you how many products were likely bruised based on that last bump. If your precious cargo also requires cold chain management, traditional fleet monitoring can’t necessarily tell you the status of the environment between transfers, which can lead to more unanticipated loss. Find out how RedLore can optimize the produce transport process and ensure you can rely on the quality of your delivery upon arrival.

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