Media release: first and only high-accuracy, wire-free, positioning solution, locus, revealed as a combination of redlore and wirepas technologies

OTTAWA, May 17, 2022  ̶  RedLore’s LOCUS technology provides high-accuracy ultrawide band positioning technology that is overlayed on the Wirepas wire-free mesh network.

RedLore launched Locus High-Res, a high accuracy positioning system to locate inventory, tools, and people indoors and outdoor on industrial sites. The patented Locus High-Res is built on top of the Wirepas Mesh Network technology, making it the first and only high-resolution positioning technology to operate fully wire-free, i.e., without the need to install expensive data or power wiring throughout the facility.

On-site positioning systems are taking off rapidly after years of pilots to prove the technology and the value. Manufacturers, logistics companies and healthcare facilities now understand that it helps them to reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies and provide a better service to their customers:

  •  Real time location systems (RTLS) for tracking of mobile medical equipment reduces the need for such equipment by 17% because all the equipment can be accounted for, and real-time retrieval becomes trivial.
  •  Manufacturers reduce stock obsolescence and stock-out by 90% by knowing where spare parts and raw materials are, how much there is, and which material in the FIFO order needs to be consumed.
  •  Logistics companies can eliminate 95% of scanning operations and receive real-time alerts of incorrect (un)loading operations.

The combination of RedLore’s positions technology and Wirepas’ wireless mesh technology is what makes Locus High-Res wire-free and hence so unique and powerful: Installing wires in operational facilities such as factories, warehouses and hospital, is very costly, cumbersome and sometimes outright impossible, e.g. in secure or hazardous areas.

“For the first time ever the benefits of positioning technology can be achieved without the cost-prohibitive and problematic installation of wires.” said RedLore CEO Niek Van Dierdonck. Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas adds “Locus High-Res aligns perfectly with the Wirepas core qualities of offering the highest reliability levels at the lowest installation effort and cost of any IoT technology”.

Other high-accuracy positioning technologies rely on costly network of devices installed throughout the facility that require a power connection, a dedicated data connection, or both. With the efficiencies of RedLore’s Locus High-Res being built on top of the Wirepas mesh network, accuracy is offered to down to 15cm or 1/2ft positioning accuracy and devices work on a recyclable battery for 10 years.

RedLore and Wirepas, partners since 2018, are now intensifying their collaboration to bring the novel technology to the industries that can benefit most from it.


RedLore provides high-accuracy on-site asset tracking and touchless logistics process solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and 3PLs. RedLore makes high-accuracy position solutions affordable to facilities that require wire-free installation through their patented product, Locus. RedLore is proudly headquartered in Ottawa, ON, Canada, and is trusted world-wide by brand such as Amazon, Maersk, Valmet, IMI, ATS Healthcare, SGS and Relogix.


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Beverley Carkner
Director of Marketing & Customer Experience

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SVP of Marketing and Communications