Is High-Accuracy RTLS Affordable?

High-accuracy real time location system (RTLS) will now be affordable with RedLore’s new wire-free installation solution being revealed March 28, 2022.

Real-time location systems, also called on-site asset tracking, allow us to locate parts, pallets, totes, tools, and people – the Assets – in a warehouse, a shipyard, in a production hall, an office building, a hospital, on a ship or any other location.  

In an RTLS system, the Assets are tagged with a wireless electronic device, the Tag. The building, yard or ship is outfitted with Access Points, also called Positioning Anchors, on a regular grid to capture the wireless signals from the Tag.  

Older RTLS systems, based on WIFI and Bluetooth BLE, are limited in their positioning accuracy, typically 5m indoors. For many use cases this limited accuracy is insufficient, like when locating a small machine part in a workshop. With the arrival of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technologies, 15cm (1/2 foot) accuracy has become possible. 

These positioning technologies have one common problem: the grid of Access Points or Anchors require the installation of cables throughout the facility. In a warehouse, the installation typically accounts for 50% of the total investment cost, which in some applications becomes cost prohibitive. In locations like hospitals, wire installation has such a big impact on operations that a wired network of anchors is a non-starter. Excessive installation costs have led site-operators to settle for a partial RTLS installation, avoiding the areas of the site where it was hard to pull wires or where fewer assets needed to be located. 

On March 28, 2022, RedLore is revealing the first technology capable of providing best-in-class accuracy with an entirely wire-free installation. Our solution addresses the problem of Access Points or Anchors requiring the installation of cables making installation much easier and cost-effective.

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