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RedLore Provides IMI with Real-Time Solution for Forklift Driver Monitoring

RedLore has partnered with Ottawa-based IMI, North-America’s leader in the field of large-scale logistics projects, to provide a real-time solution for forklift-driver monitoring. With the help of RedLore’s Smart Logistics solution, IMI is able to check in real-time if the driver of a forklift is authorized to do so. The solution provides a safer environment to IMI’s own employees and to IMI’s customers.

IoT Aiding Supply Chain Improvements

Getting everything you can out of your technology and processes has never been more critical. In supply chain management and logistics, there is a new way to streamline your operations.

IoT Solutions for Logistics & Warehousing

Discover our solutions for Logistics and Warehouse Monitoring in this video, from sensor device to dashboard.

Supply Chain Visibility through IoT Mesh

On Apr 21 RedLore and Wirepas will discuss how to improve your supply chain visibility, reuse, and compliance while reducing the number of human touch points, lost items and damage/spoilage.

Workspace Occupancy

How a collaboration between 4 companies led to a successful development of a massive IoT product for Workplace Occupancy monitoring.
Wirepas and RedLore at MODEX 2020

Wirepas and RedLore at MODEX 2020

RedLore and Wirepas showcased together at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, GA, to demonstrate the power of the partnership.
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