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Smart Logistics: 5 New Ways IoT is Reducing Losses

An effective logistics tracking system or shipment monitoring system for end-to-end asset tracking can help you figure out the exact cause and location of these common yet overwhelming losses.

Beyond Conventional Temperature Monitoring

Conventional temperature monitoring comes with some built-in flaws, that's why many people are transitioning to using real-time temperature monitors.

RedLore Exhibiting at LogiPharma 2021

LogiPharma 2021 is bringing together the top minds in life sciences and healthcare supply chain, logistics, distribution, planning, IT, quality and sourcing to share emerging best practices.

The SST Family: World’s First Cellular Mobile Gateway for Sensor Devices

The RedLore SST Family is the world’s first device that functions as both an asset location and condition monitoring device and a gateway for BLE and Wirepas sensor devices. Check out the article to learn more.

RedLore is Presenting at the Smart Transportation & Logistics Expo

On September 14th - 16th, 2021 the expo will be the host to industry-leaders as they share the future of technological innovations in logistics and transportation.

Managing the Cost of Pallet Use: IoT Tracking for Reusable Pallets

In our latest blog, we outline an industry opportunity in IoT Tracking for Reusable Pallets. Replacing typical wooden pallets, plastic, composite, and aluminum pallets have become the choice for many manufacturers and shippers

RedLore Featured in Ottawa Business Journal's Techopia

RedLore's CEO, Niek Van Dierdonck was recently interviewed and featured in the Ottawa Business Journal's Techopia Newsletter.

Making Sense Of Supply Chain Tracking Technologies

When researching supply chain tracking solutions on your own, chances are, that even after hours of research, you won’t be much further along than when you started.

RedLore Joins Hands With SYMBIOTECH To Develop The Industrial IoT In Australia And New Zealand

RedLore joins hands with Symbiotech, an Industrial Internet of Things solutions provider. Symbiotech became the distributor of RedLore technologies and solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

RedLore WINS at the 2021 Bootstrap Awards

RedLore who creates supply chain visibility through disruptive supplies Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for supply chain monitoring & tracking receives the “Bootstrap Capital Award” presented by The Ottawa Network (TOH).

Track and Trace, Real-Time Tracking, and Monitoring: What Are the Differences?

If you work in supply chain management, chances are you've stumbled upon the terms "track and trace," "real-time tracking," and "monitoring." While these phrases are often used interchangeably, they are three distinct concepts. Gaining some insight into each of them can help you figure out which one your business needs.

What Is RTLS (Real-Time Location Services/Systems) in Supply Chain Logistics?

RTLS is a developing technology, and its potential use cases are very broad. Many are yet to be discovered, but its disruptive capabilities are already evident across multiple industries. Real-time location services, also called real-time location systems or RTLS, automatically identify and track assets and people within a fixed location.

Smart Logistics to Mitigate Supply Chain Losses

Do you ever wonder where things are going wrong in your supply chain? Take a look to learn where the inefficiencies are and how RedLore can help!

Let’s stop the bleeding! - The supply chain is losing $225B annually!

$225B annually is lost in worldwide supply chains. This blog investigates what is missing to mitigate an important part of these losses.

RedLore Provides IMI with Real-Time Solution for Forklift Driver Monitoring

RedLore has partnered with Ottawa-based IMI, North-America’s leader in the field of large-scale logistics projects, to provide a real-time solution for forklift-driver monitoring. With the help of RedLore’s Smart Logistics solution, IMI is able to check in real-time if the driver of a forklift is authorized to do so. The solution provides a safer environment to IMI’s own employees and to IMI’s customers.

IoT Aiding Supply Chain Improvements

Getting everything you can out of your technology and processes has never been more critical. In supply chain management and logistics, there is a new way to streamline your operations.

IoT Solutions for Logistics & Warehousing

Discover our solutions for Logistics and Warehouse Monitoring in this video, from sensor device to dashboard.

Supply Chain Visibility through IoT Mesh

On Apr 21 RedLore and Wirepas will discuss how to improve your supply chain visibility, reuse, and compliance while reducing the number of human touch points, lost items and damage/spoilage.

Workspace Occupancy

How a collaboration between 4 companies led to a successful development of a massive IoT product for Workplace Occupancy monitoring.
Wirepas and RedLore at MODEX 2020

Wirepas and RedLore at MODEX 2020

RedLore and Wirepas showcased together at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, GA, to demonstrate the power of the partnership.
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