Why RedLore

Our mission is to be your seamless extension into IoT, from A to Z.

We founded RedLore after observing how difficult it is to tap into the enormous value of IoT and AI for industrial and commercial applications. We realized that for most companies, engaging in IoT meant starting from scratch with technology scouting, hardware breadboarding and going through painstaking and lengthy design cycles. Many who tried, ended up with a product that came too late, was too expensive and underperformed.

We decided to change that! We think that you, as our customer, should be able to focus on your own field of expertise: translate sensor data into meaningful insights using your state-of-the-art understanding of the application and your best-in-class analytics. You can safely let us worry about the complexities of IoT: ultra-low-power hardware, embedded software, and scalable network protocols.

The team behind RedLore has a long history in IoT, large-volume industrial manufacturing and large-scale field testing. We believe we are well-positioned to be your cutting-edge and low-risk partner.