Why Choose RedLore

The colour Red signifies Strength, Power, Passion.

Lore signifies knowledge gained through study or experience.

That’s our mission: To strengthen your supply chain through the insights that our patented Internet-of-Things and Machine Learning technology brings.

We founded RedLore after observing how extensively today’s technological capabilities can improve how we manage our supply chains: We disrupt the traditional paradigm of monitoring at the level of the container or trailer because you are really interested in monitoring the goods themselves. We go far beyond temperature and shock monitoring by automatically detecting all key events your goods go through, both in transit and in storage: touch-less delivery confirmation at the intended or at an unintended location, split-up of a shipment, tampering with consigned goods, etc.

We decided to up the game! We decided to disrupt the industry and unleash the enormous value that supply chain transparency can provide.

The team behind RedLore has a long history in logistics, the Internet-of-Things, large-volume industrial manufacturing and large-scale field testing.