The SST Family: World’s First Cellular Mobile Gateway for Sensor Devices

The Smart Shipment Tracker (SST) is a family of devices used in smart logistics and supply chain applications. The SST is the world’s first device that functions as both an asset location and condition monitoring device and a gateway for BLE and Wirepas sensor devices. In one identity, it tracks the location and condition of a high-value product through the supply chain. In another identity, it serves as a real-time mobile gateway for hundreds of packages travelling together in a single shipment, each with a sensor tag attached.

The RedLore proprietary SST provides end-to-end, in-transit, and real-time asset tracking, used in tandem with the RedLore Logistics Engine and RedBoard to provide complete supply chain visibility. The SST family is comprised of 2 members, the SST1 with a rechargeable battery and SST2 with a replaceable battery.


The SST can detect Sensor events and Process events. Sensor events include temperature excursions/predictions, humidity, shock from fall and lateral impact, tilt and vibration and box opening/tampering. The Process events include but are not limited to touchless shipment process tracking without human intervention, shipment departure and arrival, shipment delivered at a wrong location and shipment separation.


The SST uses cellular LTE-M and NBIoT communication for global connectivity. In locations with no coverage or lost connection, the SST will store data with automatic data uploading once a connection is available. In addition, it provides both indoor and outdoor locations using a combination of 4 different positioning technologies for maximum accuracy and the longest battery power.


The SST can be used stand-alone or as a gateway in combination with wireless sensor devices. As a gateway, the SST forms the bridge between the Smart Tags and Sensors and the RedLore Logistics Engine using RedLore’s patented method of cloud communication. The SST can connect both with standard BLE beacons and with devices running the industry-leading low-power mesh communication technology, Wirepas, providing superior device connectivity and security.


The SST family of devices achieve value through their use of the comprehensive solutions RedLore offers their customers, broken down into two categories: In-Transit and On-Site.

Damage Detection & PreventionEquipment Monitoring
Cold Chain MonitoringPeople Monitoring
Last Mile DistributionCold Storage & Environmental Monitoring
Reverse LogisticsLoading Dock, Trailer & Yard Management
Touchless Process Automation

SST availability: sample volumes in Q3 2021, larger volumes from Q4 2021 onwards.


RedLore specializes in advanced solutions for mitigating supply chain losses, with a mission to strengthen your supply chain through insights patented IoT and Machine Learning technology. The supply chain solutions give direct control to manufacturers, logistics providers and their customers by offering an end-to-end touchless monitoring experience that accurately tracks key events. Implementing RedLore’s Smart Shipment Trackers with smart technology supports your assets and maintains your inventory to improve supply chain efficiency. For more information about IoT solutions, contact RedLore.