RedLore Provides IMI with Real-Time Solution for Forklift Driver Monitoring


RedLore, a leader in Smart Logistics has partnered with Ottawa-based IMI, North-America’s leader in the field of large-scale logistics projects, to provide a real-time solution for forklift-driver monitoring. With the help of RedLore’s Smart Logistics solution, IMI is able to check in real-time if the driver of a forklift is authorized to do so. The solution provides a safer environment to IMI’s own employees and to IMI’s customers.


Forklifts present a safety threat if not handled by authorised operators. Warehouse operators have the option to install key-based access to every forklift. The solution is costly, and slows down operations because of the extra manual step. In addition, key-based forklift operation still does not alert IMI and its customers of unauthorised driving. This is why, IMI was set on implementing a touchless, solution, with automatic and real-time alert capability.


RedLore’s unique proximity-detection and indoor location tracking solution enables a touchless, real-time check to confirm a forklift driver is authorised to drive a particular forklift. The pass/fail is sent to IMI’s Workforce Communications Platform called Rhonda through a custom integration.

The solution equips each forklift truck with a tiny RedLore RL4 wireless Smart Sensor. In addition, every worker receives a Smart Badge. As soon as the forklift starts driving, it looks for nearby Smart Badges. Thanks to RedLore’s patented Logistics Event Detection Automation (LEDA) technology, the Smart Sensor picks up the Smart Badge from the forklift driver even when other operators are working nearby.

As soon as a driver detection has occurred, RedLore’s LEDA alerts IMI’s Rhonda platform to checks if the driver is authorised to drive the forklift. Customisable alerts are sent out to site supervisors in case of an unauthorised forklift drive.

As both the Smart Sensors and Smart Badges are battery powered, installation was performed in minutes, without the need for special training and without interfering with the normal operations.


  1.  Increased operator safety
  2. Touchless technology does not degrade operational efficiency and effectiveness (OEE)
  3. Smart badges, with the look and feel of standard employee badges, are not perceived are as threatening by the operators

Why RedLore

“By combining RedLore’s IoT smart badges with Rhonda’s powerful communications project management platform, we are effectively able to control the use of assets throughout the job site.” says Rudi Asseer, CEO IMI “For example, if a worker attempts to operate machinery they aren’t cleared to use, an alert will be sent to mitigate potential disaster. That is just one example of how this technology partnership can encourage safe practices on the job site.”