• Business optimization through IoT asset monitoring.

    Sense any event when and where it happens.

  • Customized IoT solutions to power your business specific applications.

    Manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and more.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

    Customized sensor solutions to power & inform your business specific applications.

  • Intelligence that tells you where everything is, what’s working well, and what needs attention.

    Better data helps you build a better business.

  • When you need to know not just where your inventory is - but if it’s ok.

    Receive alerts if anything happens that needs attention.

  • From conception to launch in 3 months.

    Start getting the data you need in a way you can use it.

We deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, customized to your applications. You can focus on your domain-specific analytics, without worrying about the complexities of IoT. Our large selection of standard sensors can often meet the needs of most clients but if your application requires a custom solution we can get you from idea to launch within 3 months.

If you are an IoT / AI Solutions Provider an Asset Owner or Operator an Infrastructure Builder a Systems Integrator

we can help you reach your goals with scalable, reliable, quickly implemented, fully integrated, custom sensor solutions.

We design and build all RedLore IoT hardware in house

Which means more customization, savings and integration efficiencies for you

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Accelerator Kits
The RedLore IIoT Accelerator Kit is designed from the ground up to enable you to test & validate applications with unlimited scale, coverage, and density.
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3 Months to Launch Program
Our modular building blocks have been validated and field-tested. We can rapidly tailor sensor hardware, edge analytics, communication technology, power management or more, all to your specific needs.
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Not sure what solution is best for you or have a custom application you‘d like to discuss? Let’s talk.
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Our Clients

RedLore created our next generation products in record time and within budget. It’s amazing how much more powerful our offering has become by means of their technology.

Andrew MillarCEORelogix

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