Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
Customized IoT solutions to power your applications: You can focus on your domain-specific analytics, without worrying about the complexities of IoT. From Idea to Product Launch in 3 months.


Freight Cars

Location & tracking, wheel & bearing monitoring, brake monitoring


Wheel hub monitoring, trailer location, trailer access & load state

ISO Tanks

Location & tracking, damaging impacts, access monitoring


Fan-coil control, temperature monitoring, air quality monitoring, cooling towers

Emergency Lighting

 Health monitoring, emergency activation

Workplace Performance

 Occupancy detection, sound & light level monitoring

Intermodel & IBC

Location, damaging impacts, access, temperature & humidity

Multi-tier SCM

 Location, inventory management, consignment management

Cold Chain

  Temperature monitoring, preventive alarms, efficiency monitoring, access

Moving assets management

 Airport luggage cart location, hospital cart location & condition

Spare Parts Management

Asset availability, location, condition, utilization

Asset Management

  Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance, location

Inventory Management

  Work in Process monitoring, warehousing

Construction Site Management

Tool location, tool condition, theft control, tool utilization, predictive maintenance


Water quality, level, temperature & pressure, storm water discharges, back flow detection, facility monitoring, pump & valve performance


Monitoring grid, facility access, equipment temperature, condition

Street Lighting

Selective switching, dimming, condition monitoring

Our Customers

If you find yourself in one of the categories below, we’d love to talk to you. Slide your mouse over the tiles for more details.

IoT/AI Solution Providers
IoT/AI Solutions Providers
You provide domain-specific data analytics and AI solutions to your customers, such as workplace performance, building automation, production automation, etc.

You need an IoT solution that meets your specific needs but you don’t want to go through the painstaking and costly process of developing it yourself.
Asset Owners & Operators
Physical Asset Owners
You want more visibility and control over your physical assets: heavy equipment, machines, spare parts, raw materials, finished goods, luggage carts, generators, operating room equipment, furniture, etc.

You wish to buy-in a custom but affordable IoT solution rather than going through the painstaking and costly process of developing it yourself.
Infrastructure Builders
Infrastructure Builders
You build equipment and machines that often end up in remote and foreign environments. You wish to integrate an IoT solution to have real-time monitoring and control over your products.

Rather than developing it yourself you prefer a ready-made, customized IoT solution that is reliable and affordable.
System Integrators
System Integrators
Your wish to introduce better visibility and control in the system by collecting field data to fuel the data analytics.

You need an IoT solution that is both comprehensive in its reach and easy to integrate into the larger solution. You are looking for a partner who can think along and act fast.

RedLore created our next generation products in record time and within budget. It’s amazing how much more powerful our offering has become by means of their technology.

Andrew MillarRelogix CEO


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: “The future of computing could actually be at the edge, where computing is done locally before data is then transferred to the cloud for AI and machine learning purposes.”

At RedLore we couldn’t agree more. We take Edge Computing down to the Wireless Sensor Device.

About us

Our mission is to be your seamless extension into IoT, from A to Z.

We founded RedLore after observing how difficult it is to tap into the enormous value of IoT and AI for industrial and commercial applications. We realized that for most companies, engaging in IoT meant starting from scratch with technology scouting, hardware breadboarding and going through painstaking and lengthy design cycles. Many who tried, ended up with a product that came too late, was too expensive and underperformed.

We decided to change that! We think that you, as our customer, should be able to focus on your own field of expertise: translate sensor data into meaningful insights using your state-of-the-art understanding of the application and your best-in-class analytics. You can safely let us worry about the complexities of IoT: ultra-low-power hardware, embedded software, scalable network protocols.

We have a long history in IoT, large-volume industrial manufacturing and large scale field testing. We believe we are well-positioned to be your cutting-edge and low-risk partner.

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